Welcome to my world...

You have just got on the personal web site of a seasoned software developer, university teacher, and researcher from Prague, Czech Republic. The knowledge gained from working in both academic and private industry sectors has provided me with a broad background and a unique view of complex problem-solving.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from Czech Technical University in Prague. My research interest is in the World Wide Web, and it deals with the evaluation of Internet trends using Social Network and Sentiment Analyses.

My Master's degree is obtained in the Software Engineering field. The master's thesis deals with the development process of a web-based enterprise system using the Java EE platform. I love doing stuff in Java programming language... and I am proficient in Java SE and Java EE platforms.

Among other things, I am a tutor with more than five years teaching experience in programming and algorithm design. Tutoring is a great way for me to help other people understand how programming works. My mission is to pass on my enthusiasm to the students :-)